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Karen Pendleton: The Mickey Mouse Club

Karen Pendleton: The Mickey Mouse Club #6

Karen Pendleton was one of the original Mouseketeers on The Mickey Mouse Club. She stayed with the show for its entire time on TV, then quit acting after that. In fact, she went on to lead a pretty normal life, though she was always fond of her Mickey Mouse Club years, and always willing to attend reunions. This is her story.

Walt Disney Inspirations: Marc Davis

Marc Davis: Disney Inspirations

Marc Davis is one of the best-known of the animators at the Disney Company. In fact, he is one of the company’s original panel of respected animators that were depended upon to make the early Disney cartoon movies magical. He also had an important hand in designing many of the characters on the iconic Disney theme park rides. Here is his story.

Roy Williams: The Mickey Mouse Club

Roy Williams: The Mickey Mouse Club #10

Roy Williams was a Disney animator and story idea guy who specialized in gags and pranks. He was also a skilled sketch artist, and often made live appearances at Disney events and at Disneyland to draw for guests. Though not an actor, Walt Disney himself decided Roy should be an “adult Mouseketeer” on The Mickey Mouse Club, where he would be called the Big Mooseketeer. This is his story.