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Journey into Imagination with Figment

Journey into Imagination with Figment is the third iteration of a ride about imagination that is located at EPCO at Walt Disney World in Florida. The current iteration is a mixture of the best features of the first two iterations. It focuses on the importance of a free imagination and features a dragon mascot named Figment. This is the ride’s interesting story.

Roadside Attractions

Claude K. Bell and Cabazon Dinosaurs

Claude K. Bell was a sculptor at Knott’s Berry Farm in California who had a love of dinosaurs. So, he built several large dinosaur sculptures on land that he owned in the southern California desert, and turned it into a park called Cabazon Dinosaurs. This is the story of Claude and the park.

Walt Disney's Land

The History of Club 33

Club 33 is an exclusive club located in the New Orleans Square part of Disneyland in California. Conceived by Walt Disney himself as a place to host dignitaries, celebrities, and family members for Disney executives.

Nine Old Men

John Lounsbery: Disney Inspirations

John Lounsbery was one of the famous Nine Old Men of the Walt Disney Company. He was a prolific and talented animator, and his hand touched most of the early work of the company. Art teachers noticed his talent early, and one of them sent him to interview with the Walt Disney Company—an interview that would change John’s life for the better. This is John Lounsbery’s story.