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Walt Disney Inspirations: Ub Iwerks

Ub Iwerks: Disney Inspirations

Ub Iwerks is known as an instrumental player in making the Walt Disney Company what it is today, and he was with the company from the beginning. In fact, he and Walt Disney were friends long before there was a Walt Disney Company, being young animators together in the emerging industry. Here is his story.

Walt Disney: Theme Parks

Walt Disney’s: Theme Parks

Walt Disney became interested in building a theme park early on, around 1950, after taking his family to a park he thought was an ideal vacation spot for children and their parents to enjoy each other’s company and have fun together. He did the research, put the plan into action, and the rest is history. Here is the story of Walt Disney’s theme parks located around the globe.

Walt Disney: His Animation Career

Walt Disney: His Animation Career

Walt Disney is probably the best-known animator the world has produced thus far. His cartoon movies are known and beloved far and wide, even those that were made seven to eight decades ago. How did Walt become such a phenomenally successful animator? Here is the story.

Hal Adelquist: The Mickey Mouse Club

Hal Adelquist: The Mickey Mouse Club #1

Hal Adelquist is known for being instrumental in bringing the Mickey Mouse Club TV show to the air and making it a success during its first season. He worked for the Disney Company for decades prior to that, and was involved in departments ranging from Animation to Personnel. A falling out with Walt ended his career in show business. This is his story.