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The Creation of Main Street USA

The Creation of Main Street USA

Main Street USA is the “opening act” at all Disney parks, being the part of the park guests walk through before going through the castle to the primary part of the parks that includes the rides and shows. It originally appeared at Disneyland in California, and all the other Main Street USA sections or their equivalents are similar to the first one at Disneyland. This is the story of Main Street...

Dick Van Dyke: Walt Disney Inspirations

Dick Van Dyke: Disney Inspirations

Dick Van Dyke didn’t have many Disney roles—but his biggest was among the most iconic movies ever made. Learn more about his life here!

Postcards from The Walt Disney Family Museum, located in the Presidio of San Francisco, celebrates the life and work of Walt Disney.

Walt Disney: His Early Life

Walt Disney is a well-known American cultural icon, whose movies and theme parks are famous around the world. While his creative genius is respected and his projects are known, not much is ever said about the first influences in his life, which were his parents and siblings. Here are some fun facts about the parents and siblings of Walt Disney.