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Disney Innovations

The Amazing Disney Monorail System

The monorail was constructed as an attraction for Tomorrowland at the original Disneyland theme park. It was intended to be a ride attraction at first, as an example of what transportation in the future would look like. Later, it became an actual method of transportation in the park. There is now a monorail in every Disney park. This is the story of the Disney Monorail System.

The Mickey Mouse Club

Sharon Baird: The Mickey Mouse Club #8

Sharon Baird was one of the original Mouseketeers on The Mickey Mouse Club. She was an experienced performer with professional credits to her name before she was cast on the show when she was eleven years old. She also had a full and intriguing career in children’s TV after The Mickey Mouse Club ended. This is her story.

The Mickey Mouse Club

Doreen Tracey: The Mickey Mouse Club #7

Doreen Tracey was a Mouseketeer on the original Mickey Mouse Club TV show. She appeared on all three seasons of the original show. She went on to have a brief career in TV guest spots on other shows, and as the lead singer of a band that toured American military bases in Vietnam. She did some other interesting and even eyebrow-raising things after her time as a Mouseketeer, too.

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