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John Lounsbery: Disney Inspirations

John Lounsbery: Disney Inspirations

John Lounsbery was one of the famous Nine Old Men of the Walt Disney Company. He was a prolific and talented animator, and his hand touched most of the early work of the company. Art teachers noticed his talent early, and one of them sent him to interview with the Walt Disney Company—an interview that would change John’s life for the better. This is John Lounsbery’s story.

Les Clark: Disney Inspirations

Les Clark: Disney Inspirations

Les Clark was one of the longest-serving animators at the Walt Disney Company, and the first of the famous “Nine Old Men” animators of the early days of the company. He started out literally being discovered by Walt himself when he was working in an ice cream shop in high school. This is his story of making his way up in the company.

Eric Larson: Disney Inspirations

Eric Larson: Disney Inspirations

Eric Larson was a Disney animator, and later became a Disney Legend. Yet, Eric did not want to work at the Disney Company in the beginning. He ended up there by chance, wanted to quit, was talked into staying, and became the company’s longest-serving employee at the time of his retirement. This is Eric’s intriguing story from reluctant employee to beloved Disney treasure.

Milt Kahl: Disney Inspirations

Milt Kahl: Disney Inspirations

Milt Kahl was a born artist and a perfectionist who went on to become one of the most transformative figures of the Disney empire. Learn about his life here!

Ward Kimball: Walt Disney Inspirations

Ward Kimball: Disney Inspirations

Ward Kimball stands as one of the most prominent figures to emerge from Disney history. Here, you can learn all about the many passions that inspired him.

Frank Thomas: Walt Disney Inspirations

Frank Thomas: Disney Inspirations

Animator Frank Thomas made movie magic in close to twenty Walt Disney Studios animated films. You can learn all about his life story here!

Walt Disney Inspirations: Ollie Johnston

Ollie Johnston: Disney Inspirations

Ollie Johnston was an early and influential animator at the Disney Company, and worked on the company’s animated movies from the very first full-length one. He is remembered by the company today in several different and special ways. Here is his amazing story. It is one you are sure to love.

Walt Disney Inspirations: Marc Davis

Marc Davis: Disney Inspirations

Marc Davis is one of the best-known of the animators at the Disney Company. In fact, he is one of the company’s original panel of respected animators that were depended upon to make the early Disney cartoon movies magical. He also had an important hand in designing many of the characters on the iconic Disney theme park rides. Here is his story.