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Walt Disney Inspirations: Ub Iwerks

Ub Iwerks: Disney Inspirations

Ub Iwerks is known as an instrumental player in making the Walt Disney Company what it is today, and he was with the company from the beginning. In fact, he and Walt Disney were friends long before there was a Walt Disney Company, being young animators together in the emerging industry. Here is his story.

Walt Disney Inspirations: Bob Gurr

Bob Gurr: Disney Inspirations

Bob Gurr is a well-known and my favorite Disney Imagineer. He started his career as an industrial designer out of college, but soon went to work for Disney. His imprint on the company can mainly be seen in the theme parks, where he had a hand in designing many of the rides. Here is Bob’s story, both at his Disney career and beyond it.

Mary Blair: The Grand Canyon Concourse Mural

Mary Blair: Disney Inspirations

Mary Blair was a prominent animator and color designer for the Walt Disney Company. She got her start in 1940, and made an immediate and excellent impression on Walt. Even after resigning from the company as a full-time employee, Walt kept bringing her back to work on projects for his company. Here is her story.

Jimmy MacDonald: Walt Disney Inspirations

Jimmy MacDonald: Disney Inspirations

You may not have heard of Jimmy MacDonald, but you’ve certainly heard his voice and the sound effects he created. Learn more about his rich Disney career here!

Rolly Crump: Disney Inspirations

Rolly Crump: Disney Inspirations

Rolly Crump is a former Disney Imagineer who has had a long and storied career with the company. Named a Disney Legend, he has worked on everything from cartoon animation to theme park design. Many of his designs can still be found at Disneyland in CA and at EPCOT in FL. This is the story of Rolly Crump.

Disney Inspirations

Lanny Smoot: Disney Inspirations

Lanny Smoot is an Imagineer at The Walt Disney Company, where he has worked for the past twenty-two years. He has an impressive one hundred patents and applications to his credit and is still inventing new things. If you’ve been to a Disney park, you’ve probably enjoyed his incredible work. This is his exciting story.

Alice Davis: Disney Inspirations

Alice Davis: Disney Inspirations

Alice Davis was born to be an artist—and she’d go on to become an iconic designer for much of Disney’s wardrobe. Learn about her life and accomplishments here.

Betty Taylor: Disney Inspirations

Betty Taylor: Disney Inspirations

Performing was Betty Taylor’s passion. She had a long, wonderful career on stage at Disneyland—and you can learn all about it here!

Herb Ryman: Disney Inspirations

Herb Ryman: Disney Inspirations

Herb Ryman was an artist for the Disney Company, as well as an artist with other movie studios, and a talented independent artist. His lengthy career includes design work on some of the most popular movies of Hollywood's Golden Age, as well as being a sought after artist for private collectors. This is his interesting story.

Bill Evans: Walt Disney Inspirations

Bill Evans: Disney Inspirations

Bill Evans was a landscape designer and architect at the Disney theme parks for more than forty years. Even after retirement, he offered his freelance services to the company. Every Disney park in the world has at least some of his work in it. This is the story of this remarkable and talented man who is so admired.

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