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Disney Innovations

The Amazing Disney Monorail System

The monorail was constructed as an attraction for Tomorrowland at the original Disneyland theme park. It was intended to be a ride attraction at first, as an example of what transportation in the future would look like. Later, it became an actual method of transportation in the park. There is now a monorail in every Disney park. This is the story of the Disney Monorail System.

Disney Inspirations

Bill Evans: Disney Inspirations

Bill Evans was a landscape designer and architect at the Disney theme parks for more than forty years. Even after retirement, he offered his freelance services to the company. Every Disney park in the world has at least some of his work in it. This is the story of this remarkable and talented man who is so admired.

Disney Inspirations

Russi Taylor and Wayne Allwine: Disney Inspirations

Russi Taylor and Wayne Allwine were the voices of Minnie Mouse and Mickey Mouse, respectively, beginning in 1977 for Wayne and 1986 for Russi. They voiced these iconic characters until they passed away, ten years ago for Wayne, and this year for Russi. They also found love with each other while voicing these romantically-linked cartoon characters, and got married themselves. Here is their story.

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