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Walt Disney's Life

Walt Disney: WWII

WWII was an interesting time for Walt Disney and his company. The war affected the company’s revenues in worldwide box office receipts, and debt was an issue. However, Walt also jumped in to the war effort, using his company to undertake a number of projects for the government. He also became more politically involved. Here is the story.

Walt Disney's Life

Walt Disney: Early Career

Walt Disney is one of the world’s best known and best loved animators. Before he became famous for his work, he was a struggling young artist who discovered animation and became interested in it. Largely self-taught in animation, Walt eventually established the world famous Walt Disney Studios. Here is the story of how he rose to the top.

Disney Inspirations

Herb Ryman: Disney Inspirations

Herb Ryman was an artist for the Disney Company, as well as an artist with other movie studios, and a talented independent artist. His lengthy career includes design work on some of the most popular movies of Hollywood's Golden Age, as well as being a sought after artist for private collectors. This is his interesting story.

Walt Disney's Land

Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge

Disney has a new set of 24 Galaxy’s Edge postcards that are so cool… this new themed land is located at Disneyland and Walt Disney World. It is meant to be a fully immersive Star Wars experience for visitors and it’s continuing to expand with new rides. If you love Star Wars, you will not want to miss it. Read on as we explore the outer reaches of the Galaxy’s Edge.

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