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Nine Old Men

Marc Davis: Disney Inspirations

Marc Davis is one of the best-known of the animators at the Disney Company. In fact, he is one of the company’s original panel of respected animators that were depended upon to make the early Disney cartoon movies magical. He also had an important hand in designing many of the characters on the iconic Disney theme park rides. Here is his story.

Disney Inspirations

Jim Henson: Disney Inspirations

Jim Henson is a Disney Legend, even though he worked his entire career for himself. He is the creator of the beloved Muppets, as well as many other well-known puppet characters, including some that he made for Sesame Street. Here is Jim’s story, and how he became such an important part of the history of the Disney Company.

Disney Inspirations

Vesey Walker: Disney Inspirations

Vesey Walker was the director of the Disneyland Band for fifteen years. In what was supposed to be a two week engagement at the opening of the park, Vesey created a band so well received by visitors that it is still there to this day, just with a different leader. Here is Vesey and the band’s incredible story.

Walt Disney's Land

Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge

Disney has a new set of 24 Galaxy’s Edge postcards that are so cool… this new themed land is located at Disneyland and Walt Disney World. It is meant to be a fully immersive Star Wars experience for visitors and it’s continuing to expand with new rides. If you love Star Wars, you will not want to miss it. Read on as we explore the outer reaches of the Galaxy’s Edge.

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