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X Atencio: Walt Disney Inspirations

X Atencio: Disney Inspirations

He was an animator, stop motion designer, and Imagineer for the Walt Disney Company. In fact, he was hired by the company at age 18, while still an art school student, and made his entire career with the company. He eventually became a Disney Legend. Here is his intriguing and unique story.

Dick Van Dyke: Walt Disney Inspirations

Dick Van Dyke: Disney Inspirations

Dick Van Dyke didn’t have many Disney roles—but his biggest was among the most iconic movies ever made. Learn more about his life here!

Walt Disney Inspirations: Jim Henson

Jim Henson: Disney Inspirations

Jim Henson is a Disney Legend, even though he worked his entire career for himself. He is the creator of the beloved Muppets, as well as many other well-known puppet characters, including some that he made for Sesame Street. Here is Jim’s story, and how he became such an important part of the history of the Disney Company.

Walt Disney Inspirations: Vesey Walker

Vesey Walker: Disney Inspirations

Vesey Walker was the director of the Disneyland Band for fifteen years. In what was supposed to be a two week engagement at the opening of the park, Vesey created a band so well received by visitors that it is still there to this day, just with a different leader. Here is Vesey and the band’s incredible story.

Walt Disney Inspirations: Russi Taylor and Wayne Allwine

Russi Taylor and Wayne Allwine: Disney Inspirations

Russi Taylor and Wayne Allwine were the voices of Minnie Mouse and Mickey Mouse, respectively, beginning in 1977 for Wayne and 1986 for Russi. They voiced these iconic characters until they passed away, ten years ago for Wayne, and this year for Russi. They also found love with each other while voicing these romantically-linked cartoon characters, and got married themselves. Here is their story.

Walt Disney Inspirations: James Earl Jones

James Earl Jones: Disney Inspirations

James Earl Jones is one of the best known names in the entertainment industry, and he is also a Disney Legend. This is what you need to know about his life and career, his work with the Disney company, and how he came to earn the illustrious Legends distinction at Disney.

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